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showing up over the ocean, where i think they are going to stay may get close to the coast. napa 36, 38 fairfield, 39 santa rosa, 42 concord livermore to mid and upper 40s cooler than yesterday. we were in the mid 50s this time yesterday. we'll be lucky if we get to mid 50s this afternoon under partly cloudy sky. light now, we like that it way. here's a look at east shore freeway past university overcrossing there making your way towards the macarthur maze light and moving at the limit, no delays. same with golden gate bridge, no problems still yet to configure lanes southbound down to two lanes opening up to four lanes when the commute gets underway all mass transit on time. drive times traveling from walnut creek to caldecott 101 from san rafael novato to
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san rafael highway 87 north towards 101 nice drive. today more young victims of the connecticut school tragedy will be laid to rest other children in the devastated district return to class for the first time since friday's massacre. katie marzullo is live in the news room account latest. >> reporter: sandy hook elementary school will remain closed still a secure crime scene. desks are being moved to a school in a nearby town where students will return to class no word on when. 6-year-old jessica will be buried today, several wakes are scheduled. two 6-year-old boys have already been laid to rest, jack pinto and noah posner. police are trying to get as much information as possible out of a computer found at the home of adam lanza and his mother it was wadly -- it was badly damaged like it was hit with a hammer.
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people who knew the lanzas are saying nancy knew her son was troubled and told people her son wouldn't leave the house any more. >> she home schooled him and everything. i knew he was on medication that's all i know. >> reporter: also, authorities have told abc news that the weapons used were purchased by nancy between 2010 and 2012. she took adam to a firing range at least once. qrnor of connecticut has called for a moment of silence and for church bells to ring this coming friday morning at the exact time of the shootings. katie marzullo, abc7 news. governor malloy is calling for houses of worship to ring their bells at the same he wants 26 chimes for the 26 victims, also calling for a nationwide moment of silence in friday at 6:30, one week after the shootings took place. new this morning, in light of the connecticut tragedy,
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california teachers pension fund is reviewing investment with a private equity firm that controls the maker of the rifle used by the newtown gunman the retirement system had 3/4 of a billion dollars invested with the company bushmaster. others may follow suit. the school tragedy in connecticut has reignited national debate on gun control, sales are soaring before congress passes any new restrictions. terry mcsweeney will have more on that coming up in a live report in 30 minutes. abc7 news will continue to cover the tragedy. the web team is sending out updates as the story develops. san francisco police are hoping that someone out there
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could help them solve a murder mystery popular high school football player from concord was shot to death over the weekend. amy hollyfield is live at concord high with more. >> reporter: they are going to have a vigil for him friday night on the field. he was on the football team. 17-year-old montreal blakely was shot sunday night in the bay view district his coach describes him as a great kid and teammate no was hardworking and got good grades. parents can't imagine what he was doing in the bay view. >> everybody that has ed about him has had nothing but he's -- humble, quiet, good guy, nice person. this doesn't seem to be part of that fabric. >> reporter: police say they need help solving this case. they are asking anyone with information to come forward
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and tell them what they know. he was in the bay view with a friend. they are hoping someone knows or saw something. they have no information on possible suspects or motive. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:05. the mother accused of abandoning her newborn in san francisco will be in court today. the 39-year-old faces charges of child cruelty, a man discovered the boy laying on a street last wednesday police found mom nearby covering in blood and not breathing doctors found traces of cocaine in the newborn's system. the baby is better now the two officers who helped save him are being honored they got a hug from the chief yesterday, both responded to the call and rushed the baby to the hospital after learning the ambulance was still 10 minutes away. one officer drove while the
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other gave the newborn cpr. they say the indent brought them both to tears. -- dog lovers in oakland are scheduled to find out ifwsçx officials wail prove a dog park on the corner of macarthur and lake shore near lake merritt the area has long been a ing spot for picnics and sock der -- games. 2100,000 -- opponents say this area is not the right location. city council scheduled to vote again tonight. in a landmark san francisco building set to be torn down today it was badly damaged by fire. officials deemed the structure unsafe. the pool house next to the zoo was once a centerpiece. the pool complex was built in
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1925 but closed since the early 70s. 5:07. bundle up if you are headed out. the rain gear you won't need for a couple days. >> let's get details. cold temperatures not necessarily the air but the wind that is blowing that air around that makes it feel cooler we have a little wind chill this morning, winds out of the north, steering the storms out over the ocean now that's where they are going to stay six miles per hour or faster is going to make it feel cooler. when you go out and you look at temperature on your car or you look here and i show you the temperature shave five or six degrees off and that's what it feels like outside, low to mid 40s for the better part of the morning hours going to feel like mainly upper 30s everywhere that's how you should dress showers
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along the coast at noon most of us in mid to upper 40s more sun this afternoon, cooler than yesterday, upper 40s to low 50s at 4:00, dropping to the low to mid 40s, clearing sky 7:00, widespread frost tomorrow morning except for the beaches then low to mid 50s rain returns thursday more of us will get rain as we head into thursday night into friday we'll have wind also. good looking ride this morning. we don't have major problems san mateo bridge tail lights towards foster city from clawiter and industrial westbound towards fashion island area and san mateo no delays. eastbound looking good towards hayward. napa silverado trail car vs. guardrail out of lanes. highway 9 loss guy tess that accident cleared. -- los gatos that accident cleared.
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north 101 from 92 to san francisco, 680 walnut creek to the dublin pleasanton interchange and 880 to 237, less than 20 minutes. an art project that combines rocket science and off-the-wall photography designed to out live mankind that story coming up. east bay school hopes to plant a dream. michael finney shows how you
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good morning on this tuesday at 5:12. it is crystal clear out there, in the 30s in the bay area. kind of a chilly start. mike will talk about how long these dry conditions will continue. the company that under wrote facebook's troubled public stock offering will pay 5 million dollars to the state of massachusetts. morgan stanley is accused of disclosing projected fall in facebook revenue to certain analysts not the general public stock plunged after the news became public. massachusetts sued because the drop forced state officials to revise their expected revenue estimates. elementary school in contra costa county attempting
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to win a national grant and they've turned to michael finney for help. >> reporter: this is kathy's kindergarten class at alamo elementary. they are excited about a garden and what will be planted there. >> tomatoes. >> reporter: amazing teaching space here's the reality. how do you get from this to this in these tight financial times? you get creative. >> contact 7 on your side if you feel you need to get the word out. >> reporter: alamo elementary isn't asking for money they want your vote again and again over the next couple of days. >> this is our simple message. we just need the votes. >> reporter: text 95248 and use code 2653, pbf and you help alamo elementary.
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how? by voting in a clorox grant program that gives money to schools. >> the program launched four years ago and gives school program in financial need the opportunity to earn up to $50,000. >> reporter: there are seven grants, four go to the schools gathering the most votes. which brings us back to miss garrett's incar began -- kindergarten class. vote. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. voters have officially made barack obama president of the united states. electoral college vote there's is. state capitals across the country casted the final votes of the campaign yesterday as required by the constitution. president obama 332 votes more than the 270 needed to win there was controversy when a
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few in arizona tried to raise debunked claims about the president having a fake birth certificate. a group opposed to capital punishment says four states carried out more than 75% of executions in the u.s. this year. the death penalty information center said texas led the nation with 15 executions followed by arizona, mississippi and oklahoma. the group says another 23 states have not put an inmate to death in 10 years, including california. the report says many states are imposing fewer death sentences. new satellite circling the earth now design today to relay tv shows and radio communications to earth for the next 15 years after that it gets real mission that could last a million times longer. what does this rocket launch from kazakhstan and this book have in common? they both carry an art project from the imagination of an
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artist. we caught up with him in moscow a few hours after he watched the launch. >> it is humling to do work on a project like this that so many people contributed to and see it come to life. >> reporter: he got his phd in geography at -- his ph.d in geography at uc berkeley. this disc onboard the satellite contains his latest project, 100 photographs of the manmade and natural worlds. >> it will operate for 15 years, after that it will boost up into a higher orbit called the graveyard orbit. >> reporter: that is far enough out that satellite and images should orbit for billions of years long enough for future generations to take a look and try to figure out
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what 21st century humans were about. they are kind of like cave paintings ancient man left for us. >> cave paintings for the future. if anybody ever finds these a billion years from now it may look to tell the same way that cave paintings look to us. >> coming up at 6 p.m., expanded look at the project and more on how trevor chose the photos on the spacecraft and in the book. there were earlier renderings sent out envoy er, da vinci's -- of man's reach to his height this will be a lot stkwraoeufrpl we are intrigued. changes, a lot of people want to go skiing this weekend. we will be watching it will be difficult.
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right now on this tuesday morning, looking on emeryville across the bay bridge towards san francisco clear this morning that usually means issues with the clear weather out there because it is getting colder live doppler radar returns over the ocean where most of the clouds are this morning. just updated temperatures closer to frost napa 34 coldest there fairfield 36, santa rosa 38, everyone else in the 40s, low 40s concord, 40 livermore, 42, 45 san jose, oakland 47, san francisco 46, there's a little wind chill this morning. 38 watsonville cool spot low to mid 40s santa cruz gilroy, partly cloudy today most showers over the ocean freezing cold tonight freeze
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warning in the north bay valleys, frost advisory for the bay shoreline, santa clara valley and east bay valleys, pets, plants and pipes everywhere but our beaches tonight stormy pattern starts thursday. cold front from yesterday sweeping by, in the cold air now, reinforcing shot of cold air with trough that comes down that's going to spark showers over the ocean also push us into the coldest air tonight. thursday to friday, behind that saturday and sunday's storm going to scoop up more moisture, weekend biggest chance of flooding and power outages. 7:00 tomorrow morning quiet. through the day increase in high clouds maybe a sprinkle or two in extreme north bay during the overnight hours best chance of any type of wet weather in the north bay, 7:00 in the morning where we'll see it, this is a slow moving
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system by noon the rain is starting to get into the heart of the bay into the afternoon hours going to get into the south bay look where the heaviest rain is, still over the north bay, yellows and oranges where it stays for the better part thursday night it looks like we are going to have heaviest rain up there for this first system. today in the low to mid 50s another chilly one outside even during the afternoon. frost and freeze tonight, low to mid 50s tomorrow, get the wet weather gear thursday through sunday, then out in time for monday. live shot of the east shore freeway making your way from richmond el cerrito through berkeley into emeryville and macarthur maze traffic flowing nicely university avenue no delays getting a little more crowded everything at the limit funneling into the bay bridge toll no problems earlier roadwork on upper deck picked
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up. no problems, everything at the limit as you make your way through the s-curve into the tunnel into san francisco, no delays at the toll through san rafael past lucas valley road, traffic light out of novato towards central san rafael and central marin nice look at san jose northbound highway 87 at the julian exit traffic at the limit as you make your way north towards 101. 5:22. a royal first, the queen did something no monarch has ever done. why top british lawmakers were on their best behavior. what happened when a determined little girl took on a giant toy company.
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major toy company changing the way it markets a product. hasbro's easy bake oven has been a favorite of american girls for generations until now it was only pink and purple after a 13-year-old girl from new jersey started a petition hasbro agreed to make it in more neutral colors and
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include boys on the packaging. she said her 4-year-old brother wants to be a chef. hear more from her on "good morning america" at 7 a.m.. >> i think that is great. my kids don't care what color it is, if they like the toy they will use it. >> your kids are enlightened. >> bay area kids. >> if her kids are enlightened and my kids only like to play with the boxes, what does that make them? >> i could charge you $100 for the hour if we go there. >> they are creative. they used to do that when they were younger they don't do that any more. let's look at high temperatures low to mid 50s everywhere cooler north clear lake and cloverdale mid to upper 40s, partly sunny,
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showers over the ocean could bump up against beaches. still have snow in the see rather rain through the grapevine will slide down towards southern california this afternoon, showers from eureka over the ocean today, 39 in tahoe the rest of us in the 50s, so cal mid to upper 60s. no fog at golden gate bridge no delays, southbound 101 from the waldo grade into san francisco opened up to four lanes things are moving nicely. san mateo bridge tail lights starting to bunch up a about it, brakes on the flat section things pick up foster city westbound macarthur maze east, south and 80 west headed into the macarthur maze all flowing nicely no delays at the bay bridge. queen elizabeth is making history today. this morning she became the first monarch in more than 100
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years to sit in on a cabinet meeting this is new video of the prime minister cameron greeting her at the door. queen victoria was the last monarch to attend such a session. government officials say elizabeth paid a visit as observer only, not as a contributor in honor of her 60 years on the throne. gun debate rains on in the wake of the sandy hook school shooting. what state lawmakers have in the works. bug bomb gone wrong. the big mistake a bay area homeowner made trying to fumigate his theme
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. good tuesday morning.
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thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. a bit nippy this morning. let's find out what the forecast looks like. north bay mid 30s the rest of us in the 40s all of us 20s and 30s tomorrow today is the beginning of that cooling trend. chance of scattered showers across the ocean picked up by live doppler i think they will stay over the ocean. 36 napa, 38 fairfield, 39 santa rosa, 46 san jose, mountain view, 48 oakland, 46 san francisco, 42 concord. low to mid 50s this afternoon with partly cloudy sky. if you are leaving antioch towards pittsburg and concord, traffic slowing bunching up, typical when you get to highway 4 bypass. things pick up towards concord. out of the central valley not
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bad slowing up and over the altamont pass into livermore. silverado trail injury accident blocking lanes chp and crews are on scene. right now most children in the connecticut school district devastated by friday's massacre are returning to class for the first time. more funerals will be held today as the investigation reveals new details on the gunman. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. >> reporter: local police and school officials have been discussing how and when to increase security at schools. state police will be on alert for threats and hoaxes. it is back-to-school day, except of course at sandy hook elementary it is still a secure crime scene and desks and such are being moved to a vacant school in a nearby town where students will return to class no word on when that will happen. as for the investigation
5:32 am
police are trying to get as much information as possible out of a damaged computer found at the home of shooter adam lanza and his mother nancy. they hope to recover something that will point to a motive. the weapons used in friday's rampage were purchased by nancy between 2010 and 12 and she took adam to a firing range at least once. >> extremely poor decision on her part. you are talking about a sort of eye psychological switch that i think got turned on -- on for him with the access of the weapons and then the ready availability. >> reporter: people who knew the lanzas are saying nancy knew her son was troubled and former babysitter says she instructed him to never even turn his back on adam. four funerals are scheduled for today three students and one teacher, two -year-old boys have already been laid to
5:33 am
rest. katie marzullo, abc7 news -- bay area man in custody accused of making threats about the shootings online. fairfield police arrested the man at his home. friday he offed comments that he supported the shooter in sandy hook and had thoughts about something similar. police will pursue felony charges. he has now post add apology on his facebook page. gun sales are up following the school shooting. also controversy over new gun store opening in the south bay. terry mcsweeney is live in los gatos with details. >> reporter: the store is having its grand opening saturday and some say that is not a grand idea because folks here in los gatos, some say they weren't consulted about that and feel they should have been. look at pictures of the store officially this is going to be a sporting goods store more
5:34 am
than rifles and guns being sold. it is described as a high end custom again shop. here's the debate. >> two things, -- we would like to know about that product before it is available. >> i think any time you can bring business to town it is positive. i don't think they are going to be handing out guns like candy to children so why is it a real problem? >> reporter: deborah is not going to get help from city hall. the code from 1987 says there is no requirement for a retailer to have any kind of hearings if he wants to sell firearms that's the way the law is written. in sacramento, a number of lawmakers, including senator ye are putting together legislation that would toughen$ california's already tough gun control laws, somebody saying if somebody wants to kill someone or a this of people,
5:35 am
there is a way to do it with or without automatic weapons. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. the tragedy in connecticut is felt as strongly in the bay area most families don't know the victims local clergy stepping up to provide a place where people can share the hurt and begin to heal. confused and upset by ÷ ke news many came to the service in burlingame last night searching for inspiration to help them cope. for betsy there's a close connection to sandy hook elementary that's where she group and still has friends who are first responders to friday's shooting. she is upset, but also proud of the way the town has responded. >> the people of connecticut, the people of newtown are showing the world how to live, how to love and how to fight evil.
5:36 am
>> the pastor organized the service of remembrance, healing and hope to give people a place to share tears he says that is important to avoid becoming disengaged or cynical about the tragedy. the post office has established an address you can use to express condolences to the people of sandy hook. you can send letters, care packages even drawings from your children, p.o. box 3700, newtown, connecticut, 06470. the address on stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the tragedy in newtown. the abc7 news web team is sending out updates, sign up at eight people are recovering after being exposed to toxic chemicals, including part of a haz-mat crew. eight were rushed to the hospital after being exposed to chemicals from a household bug bomb at a trailer park
5:37 am
near redwood city, two people set off the device inside their trailer but did not leave. the couple with a neighbor became ill. when responders got there, they went in without realizing there was toxic air inside. all eight were taken to the hospital, they are expected to be fine. san francisco police searching and asking for the public's help in solving the murder of a 17-year-old football player. montreal blakely played offense and defense for concord high and was senior at concord high he was shot and killed in the bayview district saturday night. so far police have not released motive. san francisco police searching for two men who shot a clerk while holding up a pharmacy in the mission district at the ag pharmacy. the two men entered, pulled out weapons, tried to hold-up a worker the employee was shot in the leg and is expected to survive.
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police looking for a getaway driver. no word on whether the robbers got away with any loot with live doppler feeling a little lonely. >> it is taking a rest after a busy weekend. yeah, definitely, watching some storms mainly over the ocean, still going to keep guard as the system will hug the coast could bring showers to the coast, thunderstorms as the instability is greater over the warmer ocean water this morning than over land. a few 30s inland mainly north bay valleys most of us low to mid 40s through 7:00, showers hug the coast by noon, mid to upper 40s. low to mid 40s during the evening you won't need to worry about wet weather, just need a heavy coat frost everywhere tomorrow morning after that cold start low to
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mid 50s, wet weather thursday and friday. good morning. lit at the toll plaza bay bridge -- a few cars backed up to pay cash, no problems upper deck into san francisco, eastbound dumbarton roadwork until 6:00 a.m. will affect your drive, you can see yellow towards the newark area. problem in palo alto near the stanford shopping center, on sand hill road between el camino real and arboretum, near the shopping center, flooding along sand hill road, closed both directions car hit a hydrant. they've closed off that /yyg download this free app at the apple app store and google play. breaking news from concord. ag6 car smacked into a store in
5:40 am
the last hour. amy hollyfield joins us live with a look at the damage. >> reporter: within the last couple of minutes they've boarded up the damage, no wall here any more, no dollars window, it is gone. a car smashed into this gamestop store at 4:00 this morning, in the concord strip mall at ignacio boulevard. the person in the car jumped out and stole items and then ran away. the people who work here tell us the items they stole can be traced they grabbed preowned iphones, maybe that could help lead police to these people or person. the people or person took off, they don't know fit was on foot or they had a getaway, -- they left the car that crashed into the wall, it has been towed now workers and friends and family members one of the shift manager father is here worked onboarding this up,
5:41 am
because it is cold to protect the store. they have employees inside trying to cleanup the glass, it is a mess in there. about 9:00, the glass company, they hope will start working on a fix. police suspects -- suspect the car was stolen, it hasn't been reported stolen yet but they have their suspicions. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:42. washington may be taking a step back from the fiscal cliff. next, the offer from the white house that republicans will consider this morning. mystery of a stolen hollywood film. why application and the movie studio are
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this morning house speaker boehner will present the white house's latest offer to house republicans. it would eliminate a tax cut for americans earning more than $400,000 a year. it would cut 400 billion dollars from health care programs and 200 billion dollars from other programs over the next 10 years. the offer would not change the eligibility age for medicare and that could be a sticking point in negotiations. the deal needs to be in place by january 1st, or increases for most americans will kick in. instagram photos may be used in ads without your permission. good morning.
5:45 am
mcdonald's workers may have to celebrate a mixed -- missed christmas they may be working. fast food chain to stay open to butte steals after thanksgiving turned sales positive. -- nice holiday gift for drivers, gas prices continue to fall, aaa says average is $3.25, a penny more than this time last year. if you don't want your photos used by advertisers for marketing don't use instagram starting next month the service has the go ahead from facebook to use names, text photos and other content with marketing messages this applies for users at young -- as young as 13. at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. san francisco police working with security agents from paramount studios to
5:46 am
recover an unreleased film stolen in a car burglary. the theft happened a month ago at a pier 39 garage a hard drive containing the film was among hundreds of items stolen. security cameras led to the arrest of suspects while items were recover, the hard drive with the film is still missing. laugh can only speculate as to what happened to -- law enforcement can only speculate as to what happened to the film. >> it is common now people create a dv d and sell it on the street with >> one source speculated the hard drive could have been told at a -- could have been sold at a street value of $30. >> that's why crime doesn't pay. cooler temperatures. lots of talk, the weather is going to be changing rapidly the next 24 to 48 hours.
5:47 am
5:47, beautiful picture of the breezes blowing through downtown san francisco, you can see how clear it is that's the way it is going to stay over the next 24 to 36 hours. live doppler 7 hd you can see how quiet it is out there clouds over the ocean, storms, i think that's where they are going to stay. mid to upper 30s north bay valleys. everybody else low to upper 40s, oakland 47, half moon bay 48. 45 mountain view and san jose 46 san francisco, 40 concord, 42 livermore now. monterey bay low to mid 40s santa cruz, gilroy and salinas, 38 watsonville, 50 monterey. today partly cloudy showers mainly over the ocean peacing cold everywhere except -- freezing cold everywhere except beaches tonight.
5:48 am
freeze warning in the north bay valleys, stormy pattern starts thursday yesterday's cold front bringing rain to southern california high elevation snow, we are deep into the cold air right now we will stay there, not only today but tonight and tomorrow. that's why our coldest night is still ahead of us. here's thursday and friday's storm, farther back here's saturday and sunday says storm active pattern on the way looks like we'll still have greater amounts of rain with saturday and sunday's storm and possibility of flooding power outages then, still there thursday and friday, more likely saturday and sunday, frost tomorrow morning, increasing high clouds as the afternoon unfolds. best chance of seeing light rain overnight in the north bay 7:00 thursday morning rain, rain will slide towards san francisco and oakland by
5:49 am
noon leading edge of steadier rain heavier north bay where it going to stay for the better part of the afternoon and evening hours. by 9:00, 10:00 finally makes eight into the south bay thursday and spread over all -- all neighborhoods and breezy friday, secondary storm saturday, sunday with a one-two punch of squally situations. good morning. tahoe there are chain requirements on 50 and 80. it is snowing there now. san jose light, getting busier northbound 87 past hp pavilion and julian things are moving nicely from san rafael north past lucas valley road freitas parkway towards north san pedro things got busy in the last half hour, still good to the waldo and golden gate bridge, four lanes for your southbound commute and no
5:50 am
delays there. napa, silverado trail at hardman injury accident blocking lanes, crews on scene checking in with all mass transit, all running on time at this hour. 5:50. southwest has a new fee. why you want to make sure you get to the airport on time. you might want to double check what is sitting under the tree. we'll tell you why a popular toy is being recalled.
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5:53 am
if's westfield shopping center will be open -- will be open after a small scare last night. a fire broke out at a entrance on the 4th floor. the restaurant inside the mall was evacuated while crews put the fire out. investigators are still trying to determine the exact cause of thev0 blaze. proponents of new women's jail in santa clara county have more support for their position. rising water levels from last week's king tides disrupted operations over the weekend. that would be san mateo county facility for women. high water level made roads up passable. food service and visitor privileges were disrupted.
5:54 am
is -- san mateo county officials argue the facility is unsafe the sheriff's department is lobbying the department of corrects for a new facility. >> away from the king tides, obviously. 5:54. don't have to worry about that today. >> a dining room set of worries. -- a different set of worries. scattered showers over the ocean partly sunny more sun than yesterday, cooler low to mid 50s around the state a wealth of water around bakersfield into the grapevine snow in the sierra and higher elevations to the north thunderstorms to the west of ukiah now over the ocean where i think they will stay snow around tahoe 39, yosemite 45. mid to upper 60s with rain in southern california. >> toll plaza, bay bridge no metering lights yet, traffic beginning to bunch up for cash paying folks, fast trackers and carpool lanes getting by,
5:55 am
metering lights usually after , back to palo alto, with our traffic app, sand hill road flooded between el camino real and arboretum, stanford shopping center no estimated time of opening, you can't see, but this is your waze app, i wanted to show you the area where this was shutdown download this app, it is free at the apple app store and google play. 5:56. recall on for popular group of toys. toys expand when placedq2r' water. the toys are the size of a marble but expand to 400 times original size underwater big trouble if a kid swallows one liquides in the body can make them expand. a baby had to have surgery to remove one after ingesting one of the toys. southwest no longer going
5:56 am
to allow passengers who miss flights to rebook for free. the airline plans to start charging a no-show fee for passengers who don't cancel before missing their flight. also raise fees to check a third bag from $25 to $75 and raise the price of early check-in to 12:50. christmas -- tour of the white house, u.s. marine corps captain protested to his partner in what is believed to be the first same-sex engagement caught on camera at the white house. photos show the captain on bended knee. it came an instant sensation thousands of likes on facebook. breaking news from concord, suspect crashes through the front of a store has part of a dramatic robbery. plus, new study revealing the world's largest religions, the one group that has made
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good-byes continue today for the victims of the tragedy in connecticut. [ inaudible ] thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas thanks for joining us. if your christmas shopping is in your plans today, bundle up it is chilly. today, tomorrow and then the rain rolls in thursday

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